Always see Facebook Page updates from Jester’s Computers

Once you like our Facebook page you still may not see our posts all the time. Follow the steps below to always view our posts and to set them as the first posts visible in your newsfeed. You can follow the same steps to make your favorite friends, fan pages and groups appear first in your newsfeed as well.

Step Jester's Computers - Find us on Facebook 1: Like our Facebook page –┬áIf you haven’t already click the image to the left like our page!


Facebook page settingsStep 2: Change page settings for news feed view

Once you have our page if you return to it here you will now be able to click on the arrow beside liked to choose some options that change how our page’s posts are displayed in your news feed. The default settings will let Facebook decide what it thinks you might find most relevant to you based on other content you have liked and how much interaction you have with a page. If you tell it to show page posts first in your news feed, new posts that you haven’t seen yet will always appear from this page at the top of your news feed.