AVAST® Cloud Care

Recently AVG and AVAST joined forces! This means that two great antivirus companies, each with their own strengths have merged their databases to make AVAST even more powerful than ever!


Introducing AVAST Cloud Care!

The AVAST engine is supported by the world’s largest threat detection network of over 400 million sensors. AVAST’s unique blend of cloud architecture delivers the performance you want with the protection you need.

Cloud care gives you all of the features you would come to expect from an award-winning antivirus with the additional peace of mind of having a managed antivirus. What this means this means for you is that, as your AVAST Certified Reseller, Jester’s Computer Services will we will be able to monitor your systems antivirus to ensure that it stays up to date. In the event that something is wrong with your antivirus we will be alerted via email so that we can take the right course of action to ensure your system remains secure!

AVAST Cloud Care Fees

AVAST Cloud Care is available in a two year subscription at the following rates

1 Computer
2 Computers
3 Computers
4 Computers
5 Computers
6 Computers
7 Computers
8 Computers
9 Computers
10 Computers
Additional Computers
add $25 per computer

In a nutshell...

You get the most from your paid AVASTCloud Care subscription by purchasing directly from us because you get

  • FREE installation – We will ensure your antivirus is running properly and has been optimized for your computer. 
  • FREE tech support – In our shop or remote access (when available) 
  • FREE monitoring – We get email alerts if AVAST detects a virus and if additional action is necessary we can contact you directly.
  • FREE transfer to compatible PC’s – Get a new computer? no problem! Being in your new device or contact us for remote setup. 

Interested in AVAST?

Click here to visit our contact us page regarding your AVAST inquiry and we will respond to your request as soon as possible. 

Features Include:


Only performs scans while your customers are not using
their devices and runs in low-priority mode while they’re


Designed to keep your customers’ businesses protected from the threats that can hide on any website.


With inbound and outbound port and application protection their business is always protected. Identity
protection works with the firewall to ensure that the right applications and processes are operating correctly and are also using the right ports for communication.


Automatically checks the links that are exchanged in applications like Facebook® and Skype® in real time to protect you.


Provides direct web protection for whichever Internet browser you decide to use. With direct URL scanning from site to site you can ensure that the online shield will protect you while searching, shopping, and banking online.


Identifies all potentially dangerous software and processes enabling secure transactions with their clients and suppliers.


Helps you avoid the rogue WiFi access points used by hackers by alerting you when your PC tries to access an unknown WiFi network.

Free Technical Support:

Whenever you need help, we are just a phone call away. You can come into our shop or we can provide remote assistance (when available).