We will inspect your computer for hardware or software damage and will give you an estimate for the repair. This fee is WAIVED if you have the repair work completed or purchase a new computer through us.

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  • Through diagnostics, we will be able to determine if physical hardware is preventing your system from functioning properly, or if software installed on the computer is causing a conflict.

  • If the diagnostics prove that a part has failed we will offer you our best recommendation for a replacement part or system. You will receive an accurate quote for the repair and you may choose to complete the repair or pay the diagnostic fee.

  • If the diagnostics prove that software has caused a conflict on your system we will recommend the service that will correct the problem. Most computer problems are software problems that do not require part or computer replacement. If you wish to not repair the computer you may also pay the diagnostic fee.

Will there be a charge for diagnostics?

Advice is always free! We will always attempt to provide you with expected costs for repairs based on the information provided to us. If we attempt to hook up your computer and determine your repair needs right away there is usually no diagnostic fee.

Specific errors or uncommon technical issues may require diagnostics and troubleshooting before a resolution can be determined or achieved. 

Diagnostics and troubleshooting is a standard flat rate fee $32.50 which will be applied any repairs or services that are received during your visit.  

You can view all of our computer repair services by visiting our services page here. 

Can diagnostics be done in my home or office?

In many cases diagnosing your computer on-site is only recommended after we have done initial diagnostics and troubleshooting in our office. This helps us to determine if the issue is isolated a device or connection that is only being used in your residence or business. 

If you are unable to bring in your device we offer drop-off and pickup services for an additional $15 fee within 10 miles of our office. 

If your printer or network needs troubleshooting you will require on-site services which are billed hourly.