Copy Files to Media

If you don’t need all of the data on your drive saved you might want to copy some of your data to a CD, DVD or another external media drive such as a flash drive. If you need you would like to transfer your entire hard drive contents to another computer or device see our data transfer services.

We will copy your files to disk for you for $10 / disc

  • CD – Holds 700MB data
  • DVD – Holds 4.7GB data 

Note: We can only burn to a DVD if you the computer you intend on reading the data with has a DVD-ROM drive. If your disc drive is a CD read only you will NOT be able to read a DVD disc.

flash driveWe can copy your files to an external media device such as a flash drive or memory card

  • Provide your own flash drive or media device or we have them available for sale.
  • Copy up to 10 GB of data for $10 (single file directory or single file type)
  • For more than 10 GB of data see our data transfer services


If you need to copy specific files or would like to learn how to copy files to a device we recommend scheduling a computer class for one-on-one support.