Hard Drive Services

Unless you have a solid state hard drive your hard drive has moving parts and for that reason it is susceptible to failure. Hard drives have a higher failure rate during the first year of use and failure rates rise again after 4 years of use. Regular maintenance can help to diagnose potential hard drive problems however it is always recommended that you backup any important data because hardware failure can occur at anytime.

Our hard drive services start at $32.50 for a disk error check. View additional hard drive services and details below.

If your hard drive is failing you may need a replacement hard drive. We keep 1 TB SATA hard drives in stock for both laptop and desktop computers and we charge $110 for the drive and installation. We are now also keeping 500GB solid state hard drives in stock which are $179.

Once your hard drive is installed we can install Windows on your device for $99. If your old hard drive is still readable we may be able to clone your old drive to your new drive which returns your computer to the state it was in with your old hard drive but now with a good working drive free of bad sectors that can cause data corruption, freezing and overall slowness.