How to close your web browser when you have a “Microsoft Warning” that will not close

Your visiting a website when suddenly a computerized voice alerts you that your computer has been infected and to call the “Microsoft support number” on your screen for assistance Well this is one of the ways that scammers are getting smarter and not only are they not providing you with a number for Microsoft but they intend to try to trick you into spending $250 or more on an infection that was never in your computer to begin with

If you fall victim to one of these scams you should contact your credit card company right away and have a professional clean your computer to ensure they did not leave any tracking or malicious software on your computer. Many times these scammers will claim that your computer is unprotected even if you have an active working antivirus. YOU MUST NOT TRUST ANYTHING THEY SAY their sole purpose is to get you to provide your credit card information and sign an agreement that you agree to pay them for their “services”

If you have fallen victim to the scam and are seeking good quality computer support consider contacting Jester’s Computers at (717) 642-6611 for further help.