Jester’s Remote Support

In an effort to provide more affordable convenient options for our customers we now offer Remote Support for select services to those who are able to access the internet on your Windows PC.

Click here to go directly to the remote support download page.

Sorry we don’t offer remote support for mobile devices right now but we hope to offer that service in the future so keep checking back! 

P.S. When you access this website from your computer you will be able to see the download button to install the software for remote support.

Click the button below to go to our download page


Learn how remote support works

We’ve created this information video to show you how the remote support works from beginning to end to help guide you with setup and answer any questions you might have about how it works. 


  • Our remote support is billed at $1 per minute with a $10 minimum. Billing will begin once your remote support session has been established and the technician has control. 

    There may be times when your are connected to the technician and they are researching or assisting another customer however you will only be billed for time that was spent actively resolving your issue. 

  • Remote Support is a great option for those who have a small issue or problem that doesn’t require your machine to be in our office. We may also use Remote Support when you experience an issue that we are unable to reproduce in our office.

    In order to use remote support you must have internet access on the Windows PC that you are requesting support for. 

    Here are some of the services that we are unable to perform remotely

    • Resolve issues when computer is not booting
    • Restoring an internet connection
    • Clean-up / Malware Removal / Virus Removal
    • Windows Installations
    • Hardware diagnostics and troubleshooting
  • Absolutely NOT! We take customer privacy extremely seriously.

    Before we can provide any remote support you will need to download our remote support application and provide us with a randomly generated access code. Once we enter your security code you will also need to click the accept button on your  screen to being the remote session before we have the ability to view or control your device. 

  • In order to being your remote support session you will have to contact us when you are at your computer with your randomly generated security code. Once we receive that code and enter it in to connect to you, someone will need to hit accept on the screen. 

    In situations where you may not be available during the entire remote support session or you  if would like us to be able to access your machine again later we can install Unattended Remote Support which means that we will have the ability to reconnect to your computer. Anytime we connect remotely a screen will appear alerting the user  that the remote support session is open.

    We remove access to all remote computers when your service request has been fulfilled unless you request otherwise. 

  • During your remote support session you will be able to send and receive messages through a chat window that appears in your task bar. This window will be visible until your remote support session is completed. 

    If you prefer to stay on the phone with our remote support technician you may do so however keep in mind that any questions asked during the remote support session will count towards your total active session time and will be billed accordingly.