Laptop Repairs

Laptop repairs are more limited than desktop repairs and labor tends to be more expensive. We offer several services for laptop repairs and what we can’t do in our office we can ship your device to our partners or the system manufacturer for further diagnostics or repair.

If your computer led, lcd or laptop touch screen is is cracked we can locate replacement parts and repair your device.

If your computer screen has lines, shatter marks, brightly colored spots, burnt out pixels  or flickers on or off your screen may be repairable by either replacing the screen cable or screen. 

Screen repair cost varies depending upon the cost of parts and the amount of labor required. Most screen repairs can be completed for $200 or less however touch screens can be more. Due to the nature of the repair most parts are special order and repair time can vary.

Sometimes the cause of a screen issue can be due to an issue with your on board video. Laptop video cards are built into the motherboard and require board level repair or replacement. If this is the cause of your issue we may recommend replacement of your device depending upon the devices age.