Professional Windows 10 Upgrade Installation


Although the Windows 10 upgrade is no longer available as a free upgrade through your PC ,we can still manually install the software for you! We offer upgrades to Windows 10 from Windows 7 or Windows 8 machines with a valid active Windows key for just $65. *Installation is $65 the cost of the Windows 10 software to you is FREE!

Are you not quite comfortable upgrading to Windows 10 on your own?

Do you have concerns about configuring your printers and other devices to be compatible with Windows 10?  

We can answer all of your questions about upgrading to Windows 10 and we can ensure compatibility of your hardware and software before your upgrade your device. Be sure to present any questions you have regarding compatibility prior to 

What do you get with a professional installation?

Yes – upgrading to Windows 10 from a compatible Windows 7 or Windows 8.1 computer is free until July 29th at which time Microsoft will begin charging for software to upgrade your device to Windows 10. Upgrading your computer usually takes just a few hours and can be done by the user without a professional however, many of our customers appreciate our knowledge and experience which provides you with the following benefits.

  • Hassle free installation – don’t worry about answering any of the setup questions incorrectly we setup your computer with Windows 10 and ensure that all available hardware drivers are installed and updated.
  • Resolve common problems – not all upgrades are free of problems and we know exactly how to resolve them quickly to ensure that you get your computer in most cases the same day.
  • Custom Configuration – We know learning a new operating system isn’t always the most fun so we’ll do everything we can to make the experience less frustrating by setting up your default programs and creating shortcuts to places you commonly access.

Professional installation is usually $65 if you also get a clean-up at the regular price of $99 we discount your Windows 10 upgrade $15 making your Windows 10 upgrade installation and setup only $50! 

What if I already upgraded to Windows 10? Don’t worry we can still customize your Windows 10 installation even after the upgrade has been completed. We offer several options to tweak your device, if you receive another service on your device we will include tweaking your device for free, or we can just tweak your device for our minimum half hour fee of $32.50.

What if I need more help once I’ve been upgraded to Windows 10?  One of the great things we offer is one-on-one instruction with our technology educator Ayse. She will work with you at your pace and skill level to help you learn how to use your device while gaining confidence on the computer. We offer a Tweak and Teach package where we tweak your device and provide a 10-15 minute mini lesson showing you how to use the basic feature of Windows 10 an answering any questions you have. If that’s not enough time we provide full hour individual classes in our shop for just $25 per hour.