How to fix script errors in your web browser

Recently we have seen an increase in the number of users complaining about script errors appearing in their web browser.

What are script errors?

Many websites use JavaScript on their pages to display certain features and content. JavaScript errors commonly occur on websites that contain advertisements on them which fail to load due to an error or incompatibility with the web browser you are using.

Who is being affected most by script errors?

Those who are using Mozilla’s Firefox web browser are reporting an increased number of script errors from websites that are using flash. Websites that contain heavy advertisements or rotating banners have been more commonly affected. If you are using Embarqmail, Centurylink Email or Comcast email services and access your email through their website you have probably experienced theses script errors advertisements trying to load on the page.

How can I resolve problems related to script errors?

There are a resolutions that you can choose from to take care of your script errors

  1. Use a different web browser – The website may be incompatible with the browser you are using trying using a different one (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome or Safari we do NOT recommend using Edge browser which is built into Windows 10)
  2. Use an extension to block scripts on specific pages – If you must visit the website and a different web browser doesn’t work for you, try searching for an add-on or extension for your web browser that will allow you to indicate which pages aren’t allowed to run scripts
  3. Don’t access that website – If you don’t need to visit that website and have another resource available to you that may be an option. If your email providers website is where you are experiencing the issue you can read this article we wrote about switching email providers to avoid these and other further problems.If you are unsure how to use extensions or would like assistance with performing this actions we described above and have internet access in most cases we can usually resolve your script errors remotely for our $10 minimum charge