New Computers – What you should expect

Buying a new computer can be exciting especially if you are upgrading from what you previously had. Turning the new computer on can be a bit intimidating after being comfortable with your previous computer and the programs that you previously used. Here are some things that you can expect from a new computer and things you may need to setup with your new PC.

First things first….

Your new computer might have Windows 10 on it which will require a little getting used to but in general it is a fairly easy system to learn to use (much easier than Windows 8 was!). When you first setup your new computer you will probably need to setup user accounts and select some default settings for your device. Once that is completed you will be presented with an unfamiliar desktop which will likely contain some trial software.

Most manufacturers pre-install an Antivirus trial which can range from 30 days to 1 year. If you have your own antivirus you will need to uninstall what is on your new computer and install your antivirus (from the disc or website that you obtained it from). If you are still using your old computer, you will want to check to ensure you can install the software on multiple devices. If you purchased AVG from us at Jesters Computers, we will transfer your AVG to the new computer (or add a license if you will be using the old PC).

If your old computer had any additional software such as Microsoft Office, QuickBooks, Photoshop etc. you will need to install this software on your new computer. If you’re looking for an alternative to Office you can download Open Office for free from

Setting up existing devices…

You may already have a printer, scanner or other devices that you used with your previous computer. These devices will need to be installed and configured to be used with your new PC. We highly recommend visiting the manufacturers website (HP, Brother, Epson etc.) to download the latest drivers and software that are available for your PC. Make sure to visit the correct website (many download websites exist that will bundle junk software with the software you are trying to download) and choose the correct operating system (Windows 10 etc.) if you aren’t sure what you have or whether or not you need 32-bit or 64-bit you can right click on “My PC” or “My Computer” and then choose properties. Your computer will display your operating system information.

Using the web on your new PC…

By default, a Windows 10 PC will come with the new Microsoft Edge browser. Searching your computer, you can also find that Internet Explorer is also pre-installed. We recommend using either Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome on your computer for faster browsing and increased security. Once they are downloaded you will need to make them your default web browser. To do this, click in your search box (where it says “I’m Cortana. Ask me anything.”) and type default. From the search results choose “Default Programs” (choose the one with the gear). Under Web Browser click the plus sign (or the existing default browser listed) to set your default and choose the browser you wish to use.

Unless you had your data transferred from your old PC to your new PC (This can be done at Jesters Computers for a flat fee of $65), your favorites, passwords, etc. will not be on your new computer and you will have to re-enter and save this information on your new PC. It’s important to note that any website you use online that requires you to login such as email or Facebook will ALWAYS require you to enter a password. If you can’t remember your password, you can click the forgot password link found on the login page. Any customizations or settings changes that you made on your old PC will also need to be done on your new computer.

If you check your email online through your web browser, you won’t need to do anything special to setup your email besides logging in. If you previously used a program such as Windows Live Mail, Thunderbird or Outlook you may choose to setup your email through a similar application. Windows 10 has a built in “Mail” program which is a basic program to check your email. The Windows Mail program will automatically setup your email with most providers however some may require additional information to complete the process.

Learning how to use your new PC

If you need some one-on-one assistance to learn your new computer, contact Jester’s Computers to schedule a class with Ayse our very own computer tutor! In addition to computer classes Ayse also can show you how to use other devices such as smart phones or tablets!

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