What can’t I connect? A network Troubleshooting Guide

by Ayse Stenabaugh


By Ayse Stenabaugh

So, your internet is chugging along one day until suddenly you attempt to use the internet and you receive the dreaded “page can’t be displayed” warning instead of the website you were trying to visit. Never fear! Before you take your computer to a repair shop there are a few basic troubleshooting steps that even the non-computer savvy can complete to try to resolve your issues first.


restartRestart your devices

More often than not, restarting your computer and your modem and router (if you have one) will resolve your issue.

To properly power cycle your devices follow the steps below.

  1. Shut your computer down properly (always shut down by going to start > power > shut down)
  2. Turn off your modem. Your modem is usually provided by your internet service provider and will usually have a phone line or coax cable running to it. To turn it off simply unplug power from the device until you no longer see any lights. If you still see lights after unplugging search for a backup battery that may be installed on the modem and remove that for 30 seconds and then replace it.
  3. Once your modem is unplugged or turned off, if you have a router you will need to turn that off as well. If you don’t have a router separate from your modem you can skip to step 4. If you have Wi-Fi extenders or repeaters you will want to turn those devices off now as well.
  4. Now once your devices are off wait 30 seconds and reconnect power to your MODEM ONLY.
  5. After 3-5 minutes your modem should be fully rebooted and you can plug in any routers and/or Wi-Fi extenders or repeaters that you are using.
  6. Last boot up your computer again and try to re-connect to your network


laptop 1

Try another device

To determine if your network is the problem try another computer or device on your network. If you can connect using another device on the same network the problem is most likely in the device itself. See the next suggestion for more troubleshooting tips if this doesn’t resolve your issue

Try another network

Like most electronic devices your modem or router can fail too. Try connecting your device to a friend, family member or neighbors network next. If you still can’t connect then the problem is likely within your computer or device.

network tower

Still not working? If your computer performed updates recently it may be a driver issue. If not, your wireless card or device may be failing. Either way at Jester’s Computers we can diagnose your issue for just $32.50 or less. We troubleshoot and repair most issues within 24 hours so why not bring your computer in for support. You can contact us at (717) 642-6611