Passwords, Pins and Security Codes oh my!

Windows Passwords & Pins

When you login to your computer you may or may not have a password. Some computers will allow you to use a fingerprint scanner and some touch screen computers will even let you touch certain areas of a picture to login instead of using a password. It is important to remember that this does NOT replace your password and you should still remember your alphanumeric password that was first created. Windows 10 now allows users to login using a 4 digit pin code – again this does not replace your password and to perform some repairs and actions within Windows your alphanumeric password will be required.

The dangers of BIOS passwords

For added security some users enable a BIOS password which is a password stored on your motherboard that must be entered BEFORE Windows loads. If you require additional security such as this please don’t make the mistake of forgetting this password! If you happen to forget this password, you are more than likely going to need to send your computer to the manufacturer to have the password removed or reset. If you don’t need the additional security, we recommend removing the BIOS password entirely and using a Windows password instead!

Most Websites require passwords!

If you use email, you have a password.  If you use Facebook you have a password for that too! Any website that you use that provides you access to account information or your personal data requires a password for security purposes! Often when we ask for an email password customers reply with “I don’t have one”. While you may not need to enter a password or login information on your personal computer (because you have allowed your web browser to save your password for you) it doesn’t mean that you don’t have one. If you were to login to another computer, you would be required to enter your login credentials including username (or email address) and password.

Most web browsers will give you the option to save your password so that you won’t need to enter it each time you visit a website. This can be a very useful feature! Keep in mind that Firefox and Google Chrome will allow you to view saved passwords where Internet Explorer will let you save them but won’t give you the ability to view them later on.

Security & Password Resets

If you forget a password you can usually attempt to login to the website that you are trying to access and choose the “forgot password” option. In most cases when you first setup your account you were asked to enter alternate contact information such as an email address or phone number that you are able to access. Using the information you provided, you will be given a clue (such as a partial view of the email address or phone number provided) and you will need to fill in the missing information. If you provide the proper information a reset link is emailed or a security code is sent to your cell phone (landlines will usually receive a phone call with an automated code). Once you receive that code and enter it on the screen (or click the reset link in your email) you will be asked to create a new password. If you are resetting an email password and you receive your email on another device, you will also need to enter the new password before you will receive emails in that location.

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