Computer Clean-up

If your computer is running slow, has never had maintenance, is experiencing errors or is suspected of being infected with a virus or malware we recommend having a clean-up done on your computer.

Clean-ups are a flat rate of $99. During the month of March and September we offer a $20 clean-up discount to help drive the importance of computer maintenance while helping to offset the cost of regular maintenance for our regular clients. Be sure to sign up for our newsletter to receive special offers and computer tips and tricks right in your inbox! 

A clean-up typically takes 3-6 hours to complete and in most cases can be complete within 1 business day. Our services don’t require an appointment just visit our contact us page to see our hours and to ask any additional questions you might have. 

  • Virus, Malware, Spyware removal– We run scans behind your antivirus and the majority of the time we DO find malicious software. Malicious software can include Potentially Unwanted Programs or “PUPS” which you may not have realized were being installed with other software.  
    • Have you noticed your homepage in your web browser has changed to a different website?
    • Do you have toolbar’s installed in your web browser that you don’t use?
    • Are you experiencing strange behavior in your web browser?

  • Shut off programs that don’t need to run– Almost every program that’s installed tries to start-up with the system. We will leave on only the programs that need to run which will free up system resources.
    • Have you noticed that your computer is taking a lot longer to startup or boot up than it use to?
    • Do you have programs loading when the computer turns on that you don’t frequently use such as iTunes, Dropbox, Skype, OneDrive, Google Drive or iCloud?

  • Delete temporary files – We will remove temporary internet files that are stored on your hard drive every time you surf the web. These files take up space on your hard drive and need to be manually deleted.
    • Do you want to delete unused files on your computer that are taking up storage space?
    • Do you want to ensure that you are loading the most current version of websites when browsing the internet?

  • Hard drive optimization / Health Check– We will defragment your hard drive which will improve the read and write speed of your hard drive. It will re-organize the files on your drive so they can be accessed more quickly and in some cases will free up unused space. We will check the health of your hard drive and do a disk error check to check for corrupt sectors on your hard drive.
    • Do you notice that your hard drive activity light is solid or constantly busy?
    • Does your computer freeze or have you experienced a significant loss of speed?

  • Windows Updates- Your computer should keep current with all Windows update to minimize security risks. We will download and install all of the updates and ensure that your system installs all updates successfully.
    • Does your computer constantly fail when installing windows updates?
    • Does your computer do updates and then blue screen?

  • Registry Cleaning– We will clean your registry with tools that you can trust and delete entries remaining from uninstalled programs. This can speed up the computer because it won’t be trying to load programs or files that are non-existent.
    • Are you receiving pop-up errors from Windows when you turn your computer on or login to your user account? 
    • Do you have other registry cleaners or tune up utilities on your computer? Many of them do more harm than good we will let you know if your software could be harming your computer

  • Physical cleaning– We will blow your desktop computer out with compressed air to ensure that dust doesn’t cause over-heating issues. We will also clean your laptop screen and blow off your keyboard as well as any accessible air vents. 
    • Has the inside of your desktop computer ever been cleaned of dust and debris
    • Do your computer fans appear restricted or does your computer radiate more heat than you feel it should?

Important Information

Is it possible that a clean-up won’t resolve my issue?

In some severe cases a cleanup will not completely remove an infection. In some cases viruses can completely infect personal data, corrupt your operating system or erase your hard drive. In the event that we are unable to clean your computer we will usually install re-install Windows without charging for your clean-up however if you would like us to save any personal data (when possible) you will be charged for a data transfer.  

What if my computer has a hardware problem?

If we detect a hardware issue with your computer we will discontinue our clean-up immediate and report our findings to give you your options. The most common hardware problem detected during clean-ups is early signs of hard drive failure. 

What if I have a problem after my computer is cleaned up?

If some cases files that programs use to run are infected, cannot be cleaned and are deleted. This may cause programs to need to be re-installed in order to restore complete functionality. It is your responsibility to notify us of any issues that remain after a clean-up and if we are notified within 3 business days we will attempt to resolve your issue at no additional charge. 

Will a clean-up affect data stored on my computer?

We will never delete personal data from your computer however hard drives are mechanical devices that can fail at anytime. If you have any personal data on your device we highly recommend asking your technician about backup options. We are not responsible for data that is lost on your device due to hardware failure during service or after service is completed. Even brand new hard drives and storage devices can experience failure in-fact hard drive failure rates are higher during the first year and after 3-4 years of use.