Backup Solutions

We always recommend backing up any data that is important to you. If you only have one copy of important data then your data could be at risk due to hardware failure, viruses or accidental deletion. If you utilize cloud storage for important data then you already have a great solution in place. 

Click the tabs below to learn about different backup solutions to find the one that fits your needs and your budget best. 

Backup Options

If you are running Windows 7, Windows 8 or Windows 10 we can setup your computer to automatically backup on your desired schedule to an external hard drive. 

Our external hard drives are 1 TB and come with a 3 year limited warranty. We charge $110 for the backup drive and initial setup and backup.

Your backup drive setup and installation includes:

  • 3 year limited hardware warranty through manufacturer for drive.
  • We setup your drive to backup your device on a schedule in two ways – incremental file backups that save your user data and a system image. A system image is a snapshot of your entire computer that is encrypted and can’t be affected by malicious software. A system image an be restored in just a few hours in the event that your hard drive needs replaced or your computer becomes infected with a virus. 
  • We will show you how to use the built in backup software so that you can backup your system on demand, change your backup schedule and show you how to check that your backup is working.