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Excellent Customer Service Evaluation

Jester’s Computer Services is the BEST !!!!!. – Patricia B. 1/29/16

They are excellent Karen T. 1/29/2016

They were quick and thorough and did what I asked. Will be taking it there from now on. – Karen S. 1/26/16

Never even thought of going any place else! – Lisa G. 1/20/2016

I have always been very satisfied with the service. I can ask dumb questions and they dont mind. – Joan W-K 1/19/16

You are the best!!! Thank you for your honest service! – Apryl C-H. 1/19/2016

Great service, very thankful. – Laurina P. 1/19/16

Always have treated us wonderful!! – Kathy P 1/17/16

Jester’s is my “go to” place for all my computer needs! They take great care of their customers!. – Patricia W-F. 1/17/16

You are the BEST. – Patricia B-T. 1/16/16

Great service always. – Pamela M. 1/15/2016

You guys always do good for me and I do do appreciate it and you guys – Elizabeth B. 1/15/2016

You are the bestest!!!!!!!! – Margie M 1/15/16

My last 2 computers were built by Bob Jester. I have always had great service and highly recommend them as well. – Nancy W. 9/19/2015

Jester’s is a true gem in what can be a frustrating world. They always have helped me with advice and tech service. Highly recommend them…..they are like family. – Doc Jim H. 9/18/2015

Just wanted to sent plaudits to a local business. I am pretty ok keeping my computer in working order but I had a problem beyond my capabilities. For the first time I had to seek help and found our local computer shop. I am extremely pleased with their work and the price was very reasonable, I highly recommend them should you need computer service. If you are half way across the country, sorry, but if you are local or near local this is the place to seek computer help. Thanks JESTER COMPUTER SERVICES. – Calvin B. 9/18/2015

Had my computer services today it is working wonderful. Fast services, great people, Thank You. – Bonnie C. 9/10/2015

Amazing tech service! Thank you all so much for all you do keeping our system up and running! -Shena C-A 8/12/2015

They are awesome! !! Never go anywhere else!!! Great people. – Dawn G-C 2/15/15

Please tell Bob my computer is working perfectly and I appreciate him taking the time to explain things to me. You both are great! -Deb C. 2/10/2015

Great place! – Dawn C. 12/2014

Dear Bob Jester, You are an artist. Thank you for painting my computer “healthy” again. It is so good to have you in the neighborhood! We are blessed. – Sister T 2/26/2014