Windows 10 Anniversary Update

The Windows 10 Anniversary update has been out for a few weeks now but many users are just now receiving the update. If you do receive the update be advised that it can take several hours to install and when downloading it is a 3 GB file which is very large. If you are on a mobile network you will want to ensure this download comes in while you are on a Wi-Fi network to avoid overage fees with your carrier.

Before we get into showing you the video that shares the features, there have been a few issues users have encountered after the update here are some issues we have come across and fixes for them:

  • Computer doesn’t boot – In some rare cases the update can damage the boot sector on your device. This can not be repaired without a copy of the Windows 10 disc or software, we can repair this issue in most cases in a half hour ($32.50)
  • Computer hangs at boot – We have found that some USB devices have prevented Windows from booting especially wireless mice. Try removing the USB device to see if your computer boots. You can re-insert the USB after Windows has loaded.
  • Computer has no internet – After the update some antivirus software needs re-installed. If you have no internet after the upgrade first try disabling your antivirus (just temporarily – don’t leave it turned off beyond testing!) If you purchased AVG from us we are your free tech support – re-installing AVG on your device will be no charge!

Here’s our feature update video! (This video was shared on our Facebook previously be sure to like us to receive frequent updates!)

Windows 10 Feature Update Video