Laptops 101 – Tips on care for your laptop

Recently we have been seeing some very common mistakes that can be easily avoided (and save you some money), with some insight on how and why they can damage your laptop. Read on for some free tips and solutions to common computer problems!

Do NOT leave your laptop plugged in all the time. You should unplug the laptop when it is fully charged and let it run down until you get the automated message about the battery being low. Once you get the message, charge the battery until full. Think of your charging habits for your mobile phone. You’re not going to charge a fully charged mobile phone, and you are not going to leave your mobile phone plugged in 24 hours a day seven days a week. Constantly charging a battery will reduce its capacity. Over time, the battery will no longer be able to hold a charge and will need replaced.

Be sure to use your laptop on a flat hard surface. Underneath the laptop are cooling fans to keep your laptop running at the right temperature. Setting the laptop on a blanket or on your lap can prevent proper airflow and cause your laptop to overheat. Heat can cause damage, so keep your laptop cool. If your still laptop still seems to run hot, try using a cooling pad with fans to keep it cool.

Do not pick up or hold your laptop by the screen, twist, hit, or push on the surface of the display. It only takes the pressure equivalent of squeezing a grape on the right part of the screen to break it. When picking up a laptop use two hands on the base.

Do not carry around your laptop with the power on. Laptops should not be moved while they are switched on. Movement greatly increases the chance of hard drive damage. One good jolt of your hard drive can cut the life expectancy in half and can often cause data loss. Power down your laptop, and never put your laptop into the sleep mode or suspend mode and put it in a carrying bag.

Remember to unplug your power adapter when transporting the laptop. Do not just unplug the power cord, grasp the end of the connector and gently pull it out. If you happen to bump the power connector while it is plugged in you may separate the power jack from the motherboard. Repairing the power jack typically costs around $150.

Another important tip is to make sure you properly shut down your computer. Shut your computer down by clicking on power and then shutdown or restart. Shutting the computer off by the power button itself can cause file corruption on the hard drive and your computer may be unable to start.

Do not eat or drink near your laptop. Liquids and electricity do not mix. If you spill liquid on your laptop while it is powered on, your laptop’s motherboard most certainly will short out. Parts and labor for replacing a laptop motherboard usually exceeds the cost of a new laptop. Please keep your drinks out of spill distance.

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By Bob Jester