Should you buy a custom-built desktop PC instead of mass production PC?

By Ayse Stenabaugh

With so many options for computers deciding on the one that is right for you can be stressful. Due to their proprietary nature, you won’t find many custom-built desktops, however, many computer repair businesses offer custom build desktops. There are many differences between buying a computer that is pre-built to having one custom build by a computer technician that you can trust. We can’t speak for other companies that built their own computers, however, read on below to learn the difference between a desktop computer being purchased from a big box store compared to ones that we build here at Jester’s Computers

Meeting your needs – You will likely be purchasing a computer that is faster than your previous system but even then, the specifications can be confusing. If you purchase an already built system you are relying on the manufacturer to provide you with enough speed for the applications you will be using.  If you purchase a custom-built computer, in most cases, your technician will ask what types of applications you will be running on the device, to ensure that the computer will meet or exceed the minimum system requirements.

discGetting the software, you need – Contrary to popular belief Microsoft Office’s Word, Excel, Outlook etc. do NOT come with a new computer. Some companies will bundle Office with the computer but the price is always built into the computer’s price. You can always re-install Office if you have your license and the disk. If you can’t locate your software and product key and Office it is still installed on a working computer, your technician may be able to retrieve the information to install Office on your new computer. Some new computers don’t come loaded with programs that many people require including Flash, Java and Adobe reader. If these programs are already installed many times they will require updates along with Windows right out of the box because updates come out frequently and its unlikely that you will be purchasing a device that hasn’t been sitting long enough to accumulate some necessary updates.

Getting your computer setup – You may be surprised at how different things look on a new computer especially if you are using a new operating system. At Jester’s Computers, we transfer your old computer data to your new custom built desktop PC for no additional fee ($65 value). We also tweak your operating system to run more efficiently and setup things like your email and your printer for no additional fees. If you prefer to have someone come to your home to setup your computer we offer that service for an additional fee as well.

stopEliminate the junk – Computer manufacturers tend to install an enormous amount of what we like to call “Bloatware”. Many of these programs are trial programs that not only take up storage on your device but may be slowing it down right out of the box. A custom-built computer will include only the main operating system and very little else (which is a GOOD thing!).

Warranty & Support – Nobody wants to contact support to wait on hold just to end up talking to someone that is difficult to understand. When purchasing a custom-built computer be sure to ask about what support you are provided with afterwards. Here at Jester’s Computers we perform all hardware repairs within the first year and in most cases, we replace the part on the spot rather than waiting for your device to be replaced through the manufacturer. Additionally, most parts carry warranties above and beyond the 1 year period which are still in effect, if you purchase a pre-built computer you won’t receive any warranty on the internal hardware above the manufacturers 1 year warranty.

costbenefitCost – Typically a custom PC will cost a bit more than ones that you can find in the store. You will also find that the parts that are used tend to be a higher quality than most computers found in the store. Consider this, most technicians purchase parts that have been reliable and are trustworthy and familiar to them. This means that you are not only receiving better quality but better support as well.

If you are interested in purchasing a new custom-built machine be sure to view our systems page for Jester’s Computers which can be found on here.

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