Holiday Gadget Buying Guide

By Ayse Stenabaugh – Jester’s Computer Services

Holidays are stressful enough without having to worry about getting the right gift so we have put together a few tips and tricks to make buying this holiday easier. Don’t know what to get the techie that has everything? – we have a few ideas for buying for those who have virtually everything!


When purchasing a computer this holiday you will want to determine the habits of the person you are seeking a gift for. Are they a gamer? Microsoft Office user? Or just a basic web browser? Determining the gift receiver’s needs will help you to choose a computer that will do more than just get them by. Gamers are going to require a higher end video card while Office users are going to need access to their software (Microsoft Office does NOT come with new computers – and must be purchased separately!). Those who are basic browsers won’t need much in the way of extras but it’s important to be mindful of the processor speed and the amount of memory on any new computer. Be wary of budget computers with Celeron or Atom processors else you may leave your gift recipient wishing that they unwrapped socks instead!


When considering purchasing a tablet as a gift ensure that it will meet the needs you are trying to fulfill. Unless you are purchasing a Windows tablet such as a Microsoft Surface it’s unlikely that it will perform all of the same functions as a computer. Many budget tablets are available today that lack quality so it’s recommended to refer to reviews to determine if the price is worth the potential sacrifice. Another thing to consider is what operating system the tablet should run on. If the gift is for an iPhone user, you will probably want to stick with an iPad so that they can sync their apps and data seamlessly. The same holds true for Android users who will likely appreciate an Android tablet. Windows tablets and Amazon’s Kindle are a great option for those who aren’t familiar with iOS or Android devices. Ensure that whatever device you choose has enough storage capacity, some devices have the ability to expand with external storage such as SD cards, other devices don’t allow you to increase storage space so choose wisely!


Similar to tablets you should try to identify whether the user will find an iPhone, Android or Windows Phone more useful. In fact, its recommend that you determine exactly which phone the user will want prior to purchasing or setting up a new phone since many companies have semi-strict return policies on new devices. There are lots of new devices on the market all with varying features and storage capacities. Ensure that you are choosing a data plan to go with the phone that will provide enough data to cover the gift receiver’s usage!

Tech gift ideas for the person who has everything

So what do you get for the person who seems to have everything? There are lots of new and innovative tech gifts emerging so check out some of the unique gift ideas below.

For the iPad Artist check out Pencil by Fifty Three. This unique stylus works great with the free paper app and many others and is a necessity for any aspiring iPad artist!

For the fitness lover investigate Fitbit or one of the many wearable watches that feature heart rate monitors and sleep trackers!

What about the person who constantly misplaces their gadgets? Checkout Bluetooth tracking devices such as Tile so they can find their devices with ease!

The media lover will enjoy Roku or Amazon Fire Stick which allows users stream internet content to their TV without needing to connect their computer!

For the beginner who has gadgets but doesn’t know how to use them yet consider a gift certificate to Jester’s Computers for a one-on-one technology class! Classes are available by appointment only and are just $25 for a one hour session! Call 717-642-6611 to order a gift certificate.

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