Transfer Data & Settings

If you purchase a new computer or decide to start using a different computer you may want to transfer all of your previously saved or downloaded data to your new device. You could spend hours ensuring that all of your important data has been copied to your new device or you can have us copy all of your data for you!

Transferring data to a new computer (or an external drive) is a flat rate of $65. If you purchase a new desktop computer from us we transfer data from your old computer free

What's included in a data transfer?


Data transfers include collecting the personal data under all user accounts as well as any public shared data that was being shared between accounts. If you are storing data in the c: directory or use software that uses databases such as Quickbooks please inform your technician to ensure all files needed are copied.

Transferring data does not include the transfer of programs all programs that you wish to use on your new computer or device will need to be installed. You will need the original software and any license keys that may be required to activate your software.


If your old computer has software that you can’t locate you can ask us for assistance in attempting to locate and recover the necessary information required to install your software on your new device – additional fees may apply.