What you should expect from your computer repair shop and what they expect from you

Edited 6/27/2016

Choosing a quality computer repair shop can be challenging. When selecting a shop you want to find someone (A reputable business that is going to be concerned about their reputation is always recommended above someone you might find on craigslist!) you can trust with your data and someone who will also provide a quality recommendation based on your needs within a timely manner. Here are a few tips on what you should expect from your computer repair shop and what you can do to help the repair shop complete your request as efficiently as possible.

Dropping off your computer

Do expect your local repair shop to ask not only for contact information but basic computer information as well.

You should be able to provide your computer repair technician with some basic information (But only to repair technicians that you trust!).

Expect the following types of questions:

  • Who is your internet service provider (ISP) ? – You probably pay someone monthly for internet access, many people use their home phone or cable TV provider for internet service as well. 
  • Do you have any Antivirus installed on your computer? – Knowing if your computer has good protection in place can help your technician determine a good starting point for repairing your computer.
  • Does your computer have a password? – If your computer has a password when you turn it on then you will need to provide s that are required to perform your repair request. Your technician may require the password for each user account affected. If your issue requires troubleshooting a specific account for a website or email count that information will be requested as well. Don’t expect your repair technicians to spend much time on resetting your passwords if you forget them. A good repair shop will complete this process for you but will usually charge an extra fee for the additional time spent. 
  • Additional questions to help determine the root of the problem –  Not all problems are straight forward and may occur under certain conditionals. Be prepared to answer questions like “What program were you using when this problem occurred”, “Did you receive any error messages”, “Did you install any new programs”, or “Did you download or open any unusual emails recently”. Questions like these can sometimes be frustrating but every user has their own way of using their computer. Your repair tech need to understand as much as possible about the way you are using the computer to help them recreate the problem and determine a solution.

Hours & Turn Around Times

Do understand that some computer repair shops operate on normal business hours while others are by appointment only. Don’t expect your repair shop to make an exception to their normal business hours however, it is acceptable to ask, and they may be willing accommodate your schedule for a reasonable additional fee.

Do expect your PC repair shop to give you an estimated amount of time to complete your request. Reputable repair shops will have a general idea of how long the repair should take. If a diagnostic is required to determine the cause of the issue they should provide a reasonable time frame in which they will reach out to report their findings and provide a recommendation. If you haven’t heard an update its reasonable to call to check on the status of your computer once a day until the repair is completed once the repair is in progress and not awaiting parts etc. 

Don’t expect your computer repair to take the same amount of time to fix your computer or complete your computer repair as it has in the past or as quickly as a friend or family member’s computer. Completing repairs takes time and the more data stored on your computer or the slower the computer system runs the longer the process takes. Reputable repair shops tend to want to get your computer back to you just as quickly as you want your computer back! Getting the job done correctly takes time and your understanding is always appreciated. If you don’t understand why the repair is taking so long its fine to ask questions just remember that your repair technician is the professional and the more time they spend discussing your repair the less time they are spending completing the repair.

Unless your repair shop is performing diagnostics or awaiting specialty parts your repair should never take more than a few business days. If you need an emergency repair it is acceptable to ask the shop to perform the repair more quickly for an additional fee. Most repair shops will make business computers a priority and if you need your computer back a specific date you should let your technician know and get your computer in for repair as soon as possible. 


Do expect your repair shop to provide basic answers and troubleshooting steps over the phone or email. Don’t expect your local shop to provide extensive guidance or support over the phone. In some cases techs may be able to help you resolve your issue without having to bring your computer in. Understand that this costs the technician time and takes attention away from resolving issues with computers currently on-site. Many technicians offer limited remote support when internet access is available.

Not everyone uses their computer the same way so don’t expect all problems to be 100% resolved. Some problems are the result of your home environment and can’t be re-created or diagnosed from another location. Do expect your more reputable techs to be willing to help you determine the cause for little to no extra fee. Most repair shops will emphasize that you contact them right away if your initial complaint was not resolved. It is the user’s responsibility to ensure that all complaints or issues were resolved within a few days of service. Some issues are un-resolvable due to a software or hardware conflict. If this is the case your technician should make a practical effort to provide a work around in some cases this may include re-installing software and / or replacing hardware components on your computer.

Knowledge and Utilities

Do expect your technicians to use a multitude of utilities that require experience and knowledge to use. Some of the tools used may be easily available to the public but require a certain knowledge of how they work and utilizing them without proper knowledge can often cause more harm than good. Knowing what utilities resolve what problems and how to use them effectively requires a lot of trial and error. Don’t expect your technicians to give away their secrets for free if at all. A good repair shop will provide their customers with enough information to help prevent common problems. Always ask your local repair shop about training or tutoring services that they may offer or recommend if you need additional assistance!

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