Windows Installations

You may find yourself needing to re-install Windows on your device for a number of reasons.

  • If your giving the computer away to a friend or family member or selling the device and want to remove your personal data and software.
  • If you’ve had your computer for several years and it’s slowing down and you would like to “start-over” this can bring new life to a computer that still has good specifications 
  • If your computer was badly infected with a root-kit or virus or you want to ensure that your device is 100% virus free

  • If your computers operating system is badly damaged or corrupt and previous repair attempts and resolutions have failed this is a last resort to fixing some issues.

No matter what the reason is you will need to have a valid Windows license to re-install on your device. If you previously had a valid copy of Windows 8 or Windows 10 installed on your device you will not need a physical license key. If you are installing Windows XP, Windows Vista or Windows 7 you should look for a 25 character key code usually located on the computer case (look in the battery compartment for laptops)  

If your unable to locate Windows product key and your computer is still able to boot we may be able to recover your Windows license. 


We will perform a fresh installation of Windows 7 on your machine for $99

  • Installing a fresh copy of windows is the best way to restore performance and ensure that you are virus free!

  • You must have a valid product key for Windows 7. The sticker should be located on your system or inside the packaging for the software. If you don’t have a valid Windows license we can’t install Windows without purchasing the software. Windows 7 software is usually $119 (plus installation) but the price of Windows 7 is expected to increase due to the release of Windows 10

    If you upgraded to Windows 10 and you previously had Windows 7 installed we can re-install Windows 7 as long as you have a valid product key. If you decide to install Windows 10 again after going back to Windows 7 you can re-upgrade later without having to purchase the software. 
  • This service WILL wipe out all data. If you have important data that you do not want to lose you should back your data up prior to bringing your computer. If you would like to have us backup your data for you we will save ONE folder up to 1 GB for free. Any amount above that please see our data transfer services 

  • Programs and Passwords will be removed. Ensure that you have the software and license keys for all software that you will need to reinstall. Write down any passwords that you don’t remember or have a copy of. Some web browser data may transfer over be sure to inform your service technician which web browser you use and ask that your data be saved.

  • Antivirus should be installed if you have a paid antivirus you will need to re-install that after picking up your computer. If you would like to purchase antivirus from us we recommend and sell AVG Cloud Care or we can install AVG’s Free basic protection for an additional $10. 

What's the difference between a fresh installation and a factory restore?

A fresh installation means that we install just your Windows operating system on your machine rather than using the original media and software that came with your machine. If your computer came with special software such as Microsoft Office you should ask your technician if a factory restore can be done.

Benefits of a fresh Windows installation include

  • NO bloatware – usually when you purchase a brand name computer it comes pre-installed with trial software and shortcuts and software that you may not want cluttering up your computer.
  • Windows Updates – will take less time than they would if doing a system restore since our media is updated and the media from the manufacturer will only have updates up until the product was shipped requiring potentially hours of additional updates needing to be downloaded and applied.
  • Program Installation – not all new computers come with all the software that you will need in order to view many different websites you probably visit everyday on the web. We always install Flash, Java and Adobe Reader to ensure your computer is ready for your use.
  • Driver Installation – we will verify that your hardware device drivers are updated to the latest stable versions. If you have a printer you an provide your printer model number an we will download a copy of the manufacturers latest software and drivers for you to install after picking up your computer. 

Will I lose my data during a Windows Installation?

If you are having your computer upgraded to Windows 10 your data will remain in-tact however we always recommend backing up your important data to another device on a regular basis because your hard drive is a mechanical device that can fail at any time. 

If you are having a factory restore or a Windows fresh install any data that is important will need to be backed up prior to service. If you would prefer to have us save your data we can transfer your data for an additional fee. 

Any programs or devices that were installed on your device before a fresh install or factory restore will be removed with the exception of software that was came installed on your computer if your computer is being factory restored.